Bengals from Both Angles – At Issue: Musicians dabble in different genres

Savanna Thomas, Staff Writer

There is no doubt that “pop” music is popular.

A lot of musicians, not classified as pop, sometimes dabble in the genre. But one might wonder whether those musicians have given up on making it using their own genre or if they just decide to try out the pop sound.

Pop songs give a feel-good sound.

People want to seek out something that makes them feel good. Pop is an easy way to get that upbeat feeling out into the world and to fans.

Getting involved in the pop genre can advance careers. Artists do not “settle” for pop; they experiment with it to see if maybe this could be their new sound.

Artists who try out the pop genre are not sell-outs. They are simply just trying  something new and expanding their horizons as musicians.

Panic! At the Disco, for example, has been known to change its genre every album, giving themselves a new sound. The new sound attracts all types of fans.

Recently, the band made pop music aired on the radio which gives them a chance to gain more popularity and make new fans.

Another band who has dabbled in pop music is 5 Seconds of Summer.

Their first album was very punk rock. Their second and third album was more on the pop side.

Their most recent singles are more, in technical terms, resembling an industrial side. The band had gained thousands of fans during their pop era and are back to their punk sound.

Again, like P!ATD, 5SOS made it onto the radio with their pop songs.

Although it might seem like “pop” is just an easy way to gain success, it is not. It may be a just a way of boosting careers and expanding artists’ horizons.

Just because an artist is classified as “rap” or “punk” does not mean they are not allowed to try out “pop.”

Musicians are musicians for a reason; they love music and want to produce songs.