Sci-Fi/Fantasy Club


Eddie Burgin, Staff Writer

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.
One club to rule them all.
Not joining ‘tis but a scratch.
Nine and 3/4 out of 10 students would recommend sci-fi/fantasy club…
This club, I like it. Another!
That is enough sci-fi/fantasy references.
But Bengals who cannot get enough, read on.
Instructor Joseph Manella is a second-year special education teacher who formed the science fiction and fantasy club, which meets every other Monday from 2:20 until 3 p.m. in Room 219.
The club is up and running again this school year, growing from a short run last year of two meetings and a single student.
“I did not want to give up,” Manella said, so he started the club again this year.
Eighteen new members attended the first meeting, and Manella said, he hopes to “keep the members we have [and] grow.”
Manella grew up like his club members with a personal favorite media that includes Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Battle Star Galactica.
Except, when he was younger, he said, “We didn’t have anything like this. … There was nowhere to go,” for students like him who had such interests.
Manella said he hopes to give science fiction and fantasy fans a place to congregate and “find that there is a connection between all of these things that we love.”
Club members share his excitement.
Member Paige Adcock, said the club seems like “an interesting opportunity to make friends.”
Kristina DeStefano agreed, noting how the club is an inclusive place with few restrictions and plenty of cool people to meet.
Annika Spoerl said, she considers the club a free adventure where she can talk about all her favorite authors such as Marissa Meyer and Stephen King.
Members seem enthused to meet new people and be with friends. However, the Dungeons and Dragons sessions are a close second for the most anticipated events.
Spoerl said, she has never played, but she is “excited for something new.”
The most discussed fandoms within the club include Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, and the horror genre.
However, the club is not strict about a certain genre and club members are flexible with their talking points, bouncing from videogames to Lord of the Rings seamlessly.
“[Sci-Fi/Fantasy] is a super relaxed club,” Kristina DeStefano said.
To Manella, this club’s importance reaches beyond fun conversation.
This is a space for people to make friends and be themselves without judgement. “I really want this to be a unity club,” Manella said.
Students may consider if they are interested in Sci-Fi/Fantasy Club’s endless opportunities to make friends, having new experiences, and, most importantly, watching movies.
The club will meet Nov. 4 after school until 3:30 p.m.
A movie night is planned for Nov. 18 after school until about 4:30 p.m.
Club members said the movies will be enjoyable, obscure, and underground.