Boys’ Bowling


Mikaela Ramirez & Amaris Lee, Staff Writers

Boys bowling has officially rolled out.

Tryouts have brought in new and returning athletes to the alley as they train for this year’s competitions.

The team has challenged many worthy opponents particularly Plainfield North – the team that the boys have been looking forward to competing against. The match will be held Nov. 23.

Last year, the varsity bowling team won against North with a score of 2913 to 2897 points for the first time in its history.

“Our victory against Plainfield North last year was very exciting,” Coach Nicholas Cress said.

“It is always a great matchup between two big rivals, but our last match was special because it was the first time East was able to defeat North in boys bowling. … I anticipate another great turnout and enthusiasm,” Cress .

During tryouts, new players are tested for bowling skills in order to determine what can be improved and what can be used to prepare them for tournaments.

Like any competitive sport, there is some pressure on the bowlers to do well during a tournament.

With all the spectators watching a player’s every move, one might feel the need to try and get as many strikes as possible, which can hinder their performance.

“It’s kind of a mental game,” Nolan Tonkin, a sophomore on junior varsity, said. “You really can’t be mad at yourself because if you get mad, you tense your muscles, and you’re probably gonna miss a lot more.”

Being too focused on the negatives can distract a player’s concentration for the rest of the game, which is common for players in competitive sports.

To this, Kyle Moller, a senior on the varsity bowling team, said, “Some people just want strikes, but spares is mostly the good thing about the game. If you don’t get a strike, spares mostly count for the rest of your game and that’s what carries you.”

“So, keep trying as hard as you can, no matter what the score is and just come back the next game,” Moller said.

Bowling is not only a sport of individualism, but of teamwork, supporting one another, and having fun. While individual success can help the team in the outcomes of tournaments, there is always room for improvement, which starts with the support of others.

Michael Clutter, a junior on the varsity team said, “Many people think that bowling is just an individual sport, but what they don’t realize is that if you don’t have the support and the help of your teammates, you yourself can’t do good.”

The next tournament will be held on Nov. 23 against Plainfield North giving another opportunity to make memories and create new connections with players on the same and opposing teams.

Let the games begin as the boys bowling team continue to prepare for upcoming tournaments in hopes for another good season.