Universe Rebuilds


Joaquin Braganza, Web & Broadcast Editor

A crisis is coming.

The CW’s line of superhero shows, otherwise known as the Arrowverse, is approaching its yearly crossover season.

Since “The Flash’ s” first season on air, the Arrowverse has done a multi-episode story arc stretching across its different shows. This crossover always bodes well for rating, since to get the full story arc, one must watch all shows involved.

As more shows are inducted into the Arrowverse, the crossovers get bigger and bigger.

In 2017, they released the crossover: “Crisis on Earth X.” The scale of this story was massive, spanning all four of their flagship shows including “Supergirl,” “Arrow,” “The Flash,” and “Legends of Tomorrow.”

Stemming from last year’s crossover event, “Elseworlds”, all of the multiverse is at stake this year.

What information fan have so far from hints and clues sprinkled across the different shows is that there is a dangerous event coming, and everything is set to perish.

The Green Arrow and Flash are destined to die, and the multiverse will be destroyed.

Now, of course, the crossover has not aired yet. The air dates for the episodes of the crossover span from December to January 2020 with a likely cliffhanger while the shows goes on their winter hiatus.

This is set to be the biggest crossover the CW has ever attempted in its Arrowverse .

Many actors and actresses are rumored to return to some fan favorite roles or make cameo appearanc es. Tom Welling from Smallville (2001-2011) might come back to reprise his role as Clark Kent. From the 1960’s Batman show, Burt Ward, who famously played Robin, may return.

Actor Brandon Routh will continue playing Ray Palmer, as he does on “Legend of Tomorrow,” but will also play a version of Superman from the famous Kingdom Come series of graphic novels.

The storyline this crossover is based on, aka “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” is a monumental story in DC comics.

It was the first ever multi-verse event, spawning countless other crisis storylines in the future. DC Comics had become bogged down by the convoluted web of alternate earth stories and lore that they decided to start from the beginning.

“Crisis on Infinite Earths” the comic destroyed DC’s Multiverse allowing them to start anew with rebuilding their universes with a more concise manner.

incorporated many emotional stakes, resulting in long lasting effects for the multiverse. Characters went through drastic changes forever changing their legacy.

If executed correctly, this could usher in a new era of tv show universes, along with any major crossover events.