Spending Time for Calming Minds


Katie Sisto, Staff Writer

As the year gets crazier and crazier, self-care seems overlooked.

Self-care does not have to cost an arm and a leg or even a tiny fortune.

Here are some cheap and easy self-care ideas.
Purchase and use a metal water bottle: Hydration is important when it comes to destressing; hydration lowers cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and makes everyday tasks easier. A metal water bottle helps take care of the earth by preventing waste.

Drink tea: Chamomile tea helps lowers stress and anxiety.

Take a relaxing bath: Taking a warm bath helps regulate mood and anxiety. Add a bath bomb or Epsom salt.

Watch a movie: Watching a fictional situation can help people make sense of their own reality.

Use a face mask: Using a facemask can help reduce anxiety and hydrate one’s face.

Light a candle: Aromatherapy might reduce stress.

Journal: Writing for pleasure can help organize thoughts and work with problem solving skills.

Get a blanket: Sleeping with a blanket can create comfort. A weighted blanket helps increase serotonin.

Listen to sound apps: Hearing noises such as rushing water, wind, and rain can clear thoughts.

Do yoga: Try a free yoga tutorial online. Yoga helps lower blood pressure, lower heart rate and focus on breathing.