Three companies that only sell 100 percent recycled products:

Aalya Masud, Staff Writer

Green toys:

Product: children’s toys such as: trucks, planes, jump ropes, dough activities etc.

Price: can range from $15-30

How it is eco-friendly: Creates toys from recycled milk jugs




Product: Footwear such as: socks, shoes, lace kits, sleeping masks etc.

Price: $90-130 for shoes and $10-20 for socks

How is it eco-friendly: All footwear created by natural material: Recycled bottles, wool, and recycled cardboard.




Product: Travel bags such as: tote bags, duffel bags, apparel, wallets, backpacks etc.

Price: $70-170 depending on bag

How is it eco-friendly: Uses upcycled material to create bags and industrial excess material from landfills.