Matthiessen Park

Matthew Manzella, Staff Writer

Matthiessen State Park is a hiking spot in secluded LaSalle County, Illinois.

It consists of a forested landscape with many waterfalls and canyons to gaze upon.

The park has always been a year-round destination for the adventure seeker; every season has something to offer.

My family and I visit the park often, with the intent of walking over Cascade Falls: a 45-foot waterfall in the middle of the park.

From a bridge on top, it is possible to see the waterfall and the lake that feeds into it at the same time; this sight brings us back year after year.

In autumn, the trees turn eye-catching colors, and, in the winter, the falls freeze.

My favorite memory while visiting Matthiessen walking with my dad one winter over the ice in the mouth of the waterfall. It was a breathtaking experience to walk where we once could only stare.

In the spring and summer, the forest flourishes with color, making a perfect place to take a relaxing walk.

Photographers will enjoy the sunflower field, open in the summer and consisting of thousands of sunflowers. The field is another hotspot for those keen on viewing the beauty of nature.