Exploring Paradise


Aalya Masud, Staff Writer

As winter continues in the land of Illinois, a paradise called Costa Rica calls to tourists.

Costa Rica, in Central America, is filled with adventure, culture, city, nature, and exotic food.

Four of the most enticing cities are La Fortuna, Monteverde, Samara, and San Jose.

La Fortuna, “The Fortune,” is home to the active Arenal Volcano. Because of the present activity, the volcano produces hot springs or streams of fresh hot water ranging from 77 to 112 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hotels use this attraction as an advantage, by creating pools just for pure hot springs to flow through, creating a jacuzzi-like experience.

Crossing Lake Arenal, a visitor can arrive at Monteverde, “Green Mountain,” and hike to waterfalls, zipline while exploring the high leaves of nature, and try one of a kind rice and beans.

After the sun sets, hike through the night life of Costa Rica’s jungles.

The third destination is Samara, home to beaches and small road-side shops. Take a surfing lesson, kayak to a beach with pink sand, snorkel, and whitewater raft.

Finally, the city of San Jose, nicknamed the Silicon Valley of Costa Rica, is a diverse area filled with innovative ideas.

Exploring the alleys of San Jose gives a taste of paradise and city life. The city prefers to awaken in the evening around 5 p.m.

Overall, Costa Rica is filled with leisurely activities whether a visitor prefers nature, city, morning, or night.