The Treehouse Cat Cafe

Eddie Burgin, Staff Writer

Looking for the purrfect spot to relax?
Purrhaps something close to home?
PAWSIBLY something related to puns?
Well, look no further.
The Tree House Cat Café, 7225 N. Western Ave, is just the place to rest the soul with some nice coffee, hot chocolate, or soda, all while chilling with some felines.
This café is relatively inexpensive, costing just $10 per person for a session of thirty minutes of cat socialization and a drink of choice. There is a simple booking process found on their website to secure a time slot.
The café itself is also affiliated with the Humane Society, a foundation built on assistance for animals in need and finding those animals homes.
One of the best parts about the Tree House Cat Café is that all the cats are adoptable. And even if a visitor cannot adopt, that fee goes a long way to help cats in need.
They offer a program to encourage fostering as well, where anyone who fosters a cat with feline leukemia gets free admission and ten percent off their drink order during their fostering process.
Their newest addition to their facility is yoga.
Not regular yoga, but instead yoga with cats and a professional instructor. The sessions are an hour and fifteen minutes and $35, but the last fifteen minutes are solely cat-based relaxation activities.
Want to take a drive for a nice place for coffee? Instead of turning to another Starbucks, book a session at the Treehouse Cat Café and make the day simply cat-tastic.