Powderpuff players ponder possibilities


Laine Cibulskis

The red (juniors) and the gold (seniors) planned to battle it out on the field on Sept. 22. Confidence and school pride shadows Homecoming Week.

During Homecoming Week, juniors and seniors planned to compete against each other in Powderpuff (a flag football game) with a half time show featuring male cheerleaders on Sept. 22 on the football field. The athletes talked to East Side News in the days leading up to this time-honored tradition.

What made you want to join Powderpuff? Do any athletes inspire you?

Marin Flynn, junior: I wanted to join Powderpuff so I could play with my friends. I [also] wanted an opportunity to compete and have fun.

Teagan Pranchke, senior: I’m a very competitive person and we didn’t have the opportunity to do it last year. Serena Williams really inspires me.

Cheerleader Dylan Gaston, senior: I’ve always thought it was cool to do and since it’s my senior year I wanted to get involved. … Many of my friends cheer for PEHS, so it’s cool they’re gonna be teaching me and the others cheers/chants.

What are you most excited about?

Mia Nino, junior: I am most excited to be able to play with the whole junior class of girls, so we have fun and compete against the seniors all together.

Pranchke:  I am so excited for the game coming up. Class of 2022 is such a fun, athletic class, I can see us having a blast.

Gaston: I’m excited for the school spirit and everyone to be there, everyone gathering as one will make east feel like a good place to be a part of and I also can’t wait to see the girls play football and the experience us guys will have cheering.

What are the unexpected challenges of football?

Nino: I think some unexpected challenges will be learning how to work together on the field and trying to perform our plays against defenders.

Pranchke: Learning how to properly throw a ball and set up the right way.

What do you anticipate about the game? Win? Close game?

Flynn: I anticipate the game to be very competitive. The seniors didn’t get a game last year due to COVID. So, I think they will be very set on winning. I predict the game will be close, but I’ve heard the refs rig in favor of the seniors.

Pranchke: Class of 2022 is going to crush the juniors.

Do you play football at home? Are you an athlete? Explain.

Flynn: I have never played football, but I have watched it before. I do play soccer and run cross country.

Pranchke: I do not play football. However, I play softball here at PEHS, and I used to play basketball as well.

If you play football, how does it feel to be on the other side of the field?

Gaston: I do play football. I think it’s gonna be different cheering, but I think overall it’s gonna be fun to cheer for a day and try something new.

Would you join the football team if you could? Should the team be open to everyone? Explain.

Flynn: I would actually join the football team if I could. But I want it to be a fair team where girls play against girls.

Pranchke: Personally I wouldn’t join the football team, but I feel like anyone can join the team. I mean, if you’re good enough you’ll play regardless of gender.

How confident are you in your ability to win the game?

Pranchke: I have the most confidence in the seniors this year. It’s truly a fun group to play with and be around. We are all talented and outgoing and you can’t really beat that.

Nino: I am pretty confident in ourselves and our team as a whole. I think we will all come together and work hard to try our best to win this game.