Administration addresses inquiries on back-to-school regulations

Eddie Burgin & Zaara Syeda, Entertainment Editor & Staff Writer

For the first time in school history, students will dance under the stars on Saturday, Sept. 25, while celebrating Homecoming on the football field and track.
Last year, the dance and many events had to be cancelled, and this is not the only change brought to PEHS. One change involves masks and the rules around them, which Dr. Michael Romeli, Assistant Principal of Building and Operations clarified for East Side News.
Masks are to be worn over the mouth and nose in all parts of the building, though “If you are eating or drinking that would be the only exception to that rule inside the building.” When not in an enclosed building, masks are not enforced.
This is why Homecoming, and possibly assemblies, will be held outdoors for the known future. As Romeli says, “The reason why we are trying to plan it outside is because… we wouldn’t have to wear masks outside.”
Along with this change, it is notable that lunchroom procedures have changed. School lunches are currently all free, so there is no longer a pause after picking up your food to pay.
There are also seating charts provided to all tables for the purpose of contact tracing students. “Sophomore and freshman, they’ve never experienced what regular lunch is,” Romeli says while talking about these changes and their purpose.
Though despite these changes, there are many similarities to the years before that are reestablished in their usual form this year.
Tutoring will be reestablished as usual, and as Romeli told East Side News, “Students will be tutoring students.” Peer tutoring is sponsored by the National Honor Society and held by inducted students in the media center during lunch and study hall periods.
Students both with licenses and expecting to get one soon will also need to know about parking passes and the rules around them, which haven’t changed due to COVID.
Those in need of a parking pass, “Would go to the main office after school to get a pass,” to park during school hours, but those “[Coming] back for a club, sport, activity, they do not need a pass to park in the parking lot.”
On the topic of clubs, many are starting up at about this time and are happy to have new members. Though to appease any possible confusion, one solution is new posters in the front of 100 through 400 hallways, outside of student services, and above water fountains in the P.E hallway, that includes a QR code.
These QR codes “[Enable] kids to have the access to club sponsors, coaches… There is the deans and attendance office QR code, they’re all on one poster where students could connect with a dean or student services where they can connect with a counselor or social worker,” As Romeli tells us.