DECA places at nationals


Eddie Burgin, Entertainment Editor


What inspired you to join DECA?

Kaely Espinoza:  It was a combination of factors that influenced me to go into DECA, but my brother was a part of DECA his junior and senior years. So him talking about it and having a fun time … sparked my interest in it. Later on, I found my friend in the hall and I was like ‘Hey, do you wanna check it out? And that’s kind of how we started going to the meetings.

Fatima Mora: … I was actually that friend that she found in the hallway, and I decided why not. It’s something new, and that’s how I got here.

How might DECA ultimately impact your future?
K: Because of the role play specifically, you learn to be under pressure and kinda manage it… You also develop and grow your creative skills, your financial skills, your financial literacy… Things like that in general will forever be with me.

F: It’s helped me grow as a person, be ready for anything… You have to make yourself stand out in between a crowd of people that have ultimate potential. You have to literally create the best version of yourself.

What’s your favorite thing about DECA?

K: The competition base or just DECA in general… Growing those experiences and those friendships [between] the DECA members, it’s truly like a family. We learn to rely on each other, being like ‘Hey, what could I have done better? What could I do? This is what I did; do you have any suggestions, any constructive criticism?’”
F: The foundation of how well we work together comes from our friendship… The overall experience as a whole, it’s truly one of a kind… Once you see all these people who are also aspiring to do as well as they can, you really depend on your partner.


K: My favorite memory is nationals, being able to see the amount of people there, being able to be confident… That’s when you’re really like “OK. I know I’m ready. I’ve done the work. I’ve put in the hours, the tears…”