Creative Arts Division Chair Julie Van Duyne-Mueller retires

Laine Cibulskis, Editor-in-Chief

Julie Van Duyne-Mueller helped open East in 2008 and serves as the creative arts division chair. 

“I opened three buildings in the district… when [District 202] was growing in the 90s and early 2000s. That was very exciting, being able to plan,” Van Duyne-Mueller said.

Van Duyne-Mueller has taught for 33 years.

Dave Jackson, math and science division chair, said, “[Van Duyne-Mueller] has been a great teammate for me at East… She is a ‘founding member’ of the East division chairs and her sense of humor and calming demeanor will be missed especially during our admin. meetings.”

Van Duyne-Mueller became interested in teaching during college, and she said she enjoyed career and technical education the most.

“I wanted to be able to help kids with hands-on learning, so you’re doing projects. You’re creating food, those kinds of things,” Van Duyne-Mueller said.

Art teacher Cindy Egizio will assume Van Duyne-Mueller’s role as division chair in the fall.

Van Duyne-Mueller said she hopes for further departmental growth and creativity once Egizio takes on the role. 

A highlight of her career is “knowing that students had the opportunity to experience new things that maybe they wouldn’t have [had] in just the regular traditional courses,” Van Duyne-Mueller said.

“[East is] community, family, great people, great kids. I’ll miss them,” Van Duyne-Mueller said.