REVIEW: Action film reinvents hollywood one universe at a time


“If nothing matters..then all the pain and guilt you feel for making nothing of your goes away” (Everything Everywhere all at Once). A Sci-Fi action film directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert now widely recognized for its countless awards and many Oscars, Everything Everywhere all at Once is 2022’s best picture for a reason. The film touched a number of hearts from audiences around the world, becoming a beacon of hope for many who had the luxury of viewing such an incredulous film.

The movie introduces the main protagonist, Evelyn, as she has hit rock bottom surrounded by receipts and her many responsibilities as an immigrant living in the United States. Attempting to fulfill her duties, yet all her hard work is in vain as everything around her crumbles.

Everything Everywhere all at Once tackles many themes such as longing, acceptance, and most importantly love. The film also highlights the effects of generational traumas within family dynamics. Every character in this film becomes much more complex than the last; leaving audiences to view the effects of an unsatisfactory life on those around Evelyn.

With awe-inspiring visuals, phenomenal acting, and a soundtrack that completely moves the emotions of the audience. Every component of this film fits together like a picturesque puzzle complete with a cast of underdogs that have shaken Hollywood with their contributions to this film.

This movie is fit for those who feel underappreciated for the things they do, troubled daughters, and those who are lost or forgotten. Everything Everywhere all at Once is special in the way it creates characters the audience can see themselves in for various reasons; whether you’re the peacemaker like Waymond, or the rebellious black sheep of the family like Joy each character holds a special place within the audience’s hearts that makes them more relatable and human.

Emerging from an indie powerhouse studio Everything Everywhere all at Once has reshaped the multiverse by incorporating much-needed inclusivity into Hollywood. Although many critique this film for its erratic and seemingly random moments, those scenes add to its charm as audiences experience everything everywhere all at once.