Sabah (Sue) Bunetta Leaves Plainfield East

Mikaela Ramirez, Staff Writer

Sabah (Sue) Bunetta, former secretary to Principal Joseph O’Brien, works in the main office a few days prior to leaving Plainfield East for a new position in the district’s Operations department.  In the fall of 2008, Bunetta joined East as a copy clerk and then served as secretary to Principal Dr. Joseph O’Brien. “I’m really excited for the challenge of learning something new because I’ve never done that before, so this will be really interesting,” she said. O’Brien said, “If there’s one thing about Sabah Sue, it is that she’s a worker and she’s willing to learn.”

“She’ll adapt and do great things because she’s got something that we crave: she builds connections with people, and that in schools and education is so important, and she does that better than most,” O’Brien said. Mary McLernon has stepped up to take the role as O’Brien’s secretary.