Coaching with inspiration


Isabella Ghahtani and Rayessa Suarez, Staff Writer

This football season brings the addition of head coach Brad Kunz.

Kunz played football in his youth, his most memorable game being when he “[Played] for the Miami Hurricanes and we won the national championship in 2001,” Kunz said.

Kunz said his passion for football has led him to teach others what he know, and he believes this will be a successful season.

With the addition of Coach Kunz, “new systems and customs were brought to the team,” Javen Mays, senior and varsity player said. He has engaged an atmosphere of “life, excitement, motivation.”

“Coach Kunz is a good guy and an even better coach,” The team has “developed mentally and physically” Dale Dambek, senior and varsity player, said.

Alongside Kunz is Tyler Hill, varsity football coach and English teacher at East. He took a break from coaching for the last season and returned to this year.

Hill said, “Being out there at practice with them, talking to them and getting to know them, and joking with them” is how he bonds with the team.

Working with Kunz and Hill is Coach Tom Hart, English teacher at East.

“[The] biggest thing is just to hang out with students in a different environment and teach them bigger life lessons,” Hart said.

Football has “gained a stronger bond because of the new coaching,” Mays said.

The teamwork and cooperation between teammates advanced as all three coaches brought “new attitudes” to the team, Dambek said.

Members of the team have created a “very comfortable relationship” with Kunz.

He has “helped develop a relationship between the players, so it’s created a good bond,” Mays said.

The team is looking forward to “going up against our rival schools” and playing against “West Aurora [because it] is going to be a good game,” Mays said.

The team has a goal of making it to playoffs this season.

A word of advice towards football: “Life is meant for you to fail, but it’s up to you to determine how many times you fail,” former Coach Ling said.

The impact of football has “taught time management skills” and gave the team “a brotherhood that [will] be missed most,” Dambek said.