2019-2020 Staff

Jas Sanghani


I am the editor-in-chief for my third and final year as a member of East Side News. Outside of journalism, I enjoy playing Fortnite and eating Portillo's chocolate cake.

Laine Cibulskis

News Editor/Social Media Director

Writing is one of my many passions. I'm a sophomore, the news editor, and have been on East Side News since freshman year. I love exploring the daily happenings at our school and sharing them with our student body. Outside of journalism, I'm on Speech Team, Science Olympiad, Poetry Club, and Math Team.

Katrina Beier

Staff Writer

Hi: This is my second year in journalism as a staff writer. I am on the tennis team, in NHS, and a peer tutor in the Media Center.

Savanna Thomas

Staff Writer

Hi: This is my second year in journalism. I enjoy art, photography, and music.

Amaris Lee

Staff Writer

I am a senior at Plainfield East High School and a staff writer for East Side News. My favorite hobbies are writing, drawing, and hanging around my friends. I've been involved in Dance, Cheerleading, Track, and I am currently involved in Technical/Stage Crew for the Fall Play/Spring Musical. I enjoy being around animals, and I'm hoping to practice veterinary medicine when I go to college....

Ameera Haque

Staff Writer

The name's Haque, Ameera Haque. I'm a junior, and this is my first year in Journalism. You can usually find me in the library checking out the latest books, and being in denial about my nerdiness. Being an ex-band geek really takes a toll.

Eddie Burgin

Staff Writer

Hi ya: I'm a sophomore, and this is my first year in journalism. I love poetry, storytelling, and drawing. Also, I've worked at a haunted house and love all scary kinds of scary things!

Aalya Masud

Staff Writer

Hello! I am a sophomore. This is my first year as a member of the journalism team. My hobbies are reading, public speaking, and swimming.

Kaely Espinoza

Staff Writer

Hello, This is my first year in journalism! I’m a sophomore and my many favorite things include playing volleyball and soccer on a competitive level. I love to help others around me and watch many movies.

Amber Speer

Staff Writer

I'm a senior staff writer. I joined journalism this year because after high school I'm headed off the be a journalist for the Navy! Right now, I'm in tech crew and love sign language.

Isabel Herrera

Staff Writer

I'm a senior staff writer. I love bullet journaling, spoken word, and the color yellow.

Mikaela Ramirez

Staff Writer

Greetings, tis I, a staff writer on East Side News. I am a junior, despite my demeanor and height. I joined journalism this year, so I’m new. I have a lot of interests, but I mostly like to draw, take photos, and occasionally write. That's all folks.

Rayne Branch

Staff Writer

Hi. My name is Rayne, pronounced "Rain." I am a freshmen, and this is my first year in East Side News. My interests include film making and anything art related.

Katie Sisto

Staff Writer

Heyo! I am a senior this year, and this is my second year at East Side News. I participate in concert band, Color Guard, and tech crew.

Isabella Ghahtani

Staff Writer

Howdy! I'm a senior, and it is my second year in journalism. I enjoy writing (obviously), dancing, EDM, music festivals, sour candy, and traveling. I am looking forward to sharing my work with you. - Izzy G, out!

Jasmine Budzyn

staff writer

I aspire to graduate in the spring. This is my first year in journalism.

Rayessa Suarez

staff writer

I am a senior staff writer. This is my first year in journalism.  I am on tech/stage crew for two years.

Joaquin Braganza

Web and Broadcast Editor

  I am a senior, and this is my second year at East Side News.