Charity is Contagious

Edwin Burgin and Kaely Espinoza

With November comes a certain feeling in the air – a feeling of gratitude. This often spreads by student clubs such as National Honor Society, Key Club, Gay Straight Alliance, and Female Leadership Club.
The school motto this year “kindness is contagious” has not only been seen in school but throughout the community, as many Bengals take charge to impact the world.
“Be the Key” is Key Club’s own phrase as members consider the club to be “key to our community [as members] spread kindness and positivity not just in school but to the outside as well,” Carolyn Winieck, an executive leader of Key Club, said.
Leader and founder of Female Leadership Club Natalie Hua said her fellow club members plan on “writing [empowering quotes] on the mirrors in the girls’ bathrooms” to promote gratitude throughout the school.
The National Honor Society, NHS, is arranging an event of their own.
President Griffin Rzonca NHS, said, “The biggest thing we’ve been [participating in] recently is called Ready, Set, Ride.”
For the event, members go to a local horse farm to “help mentally disabled people ride horses and hang out and have a lot of fun,” Rzonca said.
Rzonca said between 20 to 30 students will participate. Members of NHS also spend their study hall time tutoring peers in the Media Center daily.
The Gay Straight Alliance, or GSA, plan to raise money while offering an open, accepting club to students.
President Meya Ntum said, “In the Chicagoland area, we actually have an Illinois charity that we want to donate to. … We are going to make bracelets for [Equality Illinois] and sell those in the cafeteria during lunch periods.”
Equality Illinois stands up for members of the LGBT in the community and works to help those less fortunate such as the homeless on the streets of Chicago.
The kindness connection reaches beyond clubs designed to promote bring people together and do charitable works.
Katherine Fairfield, a Speech Team coach, often tells her students to “clap for our friends.”
Her fellow Speech Team coach Annie Foley said, “That [clapping] shows her gratitude for students’ participation and willingness to put themselves out there.”
It is November.
A time when Bengals can donate and do much to spread change.
Volunteering, joining a charitable group, and completing kind acts can spread positivity.
After all, kindness is contagious.