Varsity Cheerleading


Isabella Ghahtani, Staff Writer

Varsity cheer coach Jennifer Ellinghausen trained the cheer team to hit their routines and keep the crowd cheering.

The fall season included cheering on the football team as well as the packed stands.

“Hearing the roar of the fan section” was Captain Vianey Favela’s favorite part, Favela said. 

The most memorable moments on the football field consisted of “cheering and performing during halftime,” Ellinghausen said.

Along with that, the cheer team decorated the boys athletic locker room for the soccer team’s senior night.

The approaching cold weather brings a new season of practices and hard work. However, the Friday night lights “will be missed,” sophomore Avery McEachern said. 

Although “the weather was warm and the season was stress free,” Ellinghausen said, a brand-new season is on the rise.

After football season, the more time-consuming, competitive season begins.

The main goal of these upcoming months is to “add harder skills to prepare for sectionals,” Ellinghausen said.

McEachern has been on the team since her freshman year. She has progressed with the team and is “excited for the new routine,” McEachern said.

Living up to a standard of core values “keeps the positive attitude of the team,” Ellinghausen said. With the addition of daily goals, the motivation of success is held high. 

The first competition of the year will be Dec. 7 which means now is “crunch time,” Favela said.

By maintaining a set of values to live up to, the team “has become stronger because their skills have improved,” Ellinghausen said.

These values include 100 percent effort, mental toughness, determination, and accountability, according to Ellinghausen.