10 reasons to be Grateful

Aalya Masud, Staff Writer

Ten reasons to be feel grateful

  1. The ability to go to school daily. Many cities and countries are not able to hold consistent days of school, due to lack of resources or teachers.
  2. Music has always been a way to one’s heart. Music lifts spirits even when the world seems to look down upon a person.
  3. Imagination helps one set goals for the future and the present; imagining one’s journey can lead them achieving their goals. Small moments with family or a teacher trying their best to help create memories that will last forever.
  4. Freedom to say what a person wants, wear what a person wants and openly have an opinion. Many other countries do not allow citizens to say what they truly feel or be who they want to be.
  5. Astonishing nature creating oxygen to breathe and please the eyes.
  6. Personality makes one who he/she is, and everyone has a personality. One should embrace the natural self and be proud.
  7. Technology has improved the quality of life and drastically changed the level of knowledge in the world. Without technology there would be no social media, detailed medical research or immediately accessed news.
  8. Memories constantly remind people of good and bad days. Mistakes are corrected. Loved ones are remembered. Childhood memories are cherished.
  9. Kind words, people, and actions make the world a melting pot. Try not to take kindness for granted.