Yungblud inspires society of all ages


Savanna Thomas, Staff Writer

Many may not know the artist Yungblud, but he is on the rise.

Yungblud’s songs often focus on mental health and being different in the eyes of society. However, his songs also make his fans feel a sense of belonging even if they are different.

Yungblud released a new EP on Oct. 18 called “The Underrated Youth” which consists of six songs. Five out of the six songs contain explicit words and content.

The first song off the EP is “!” The song has a very punk rock sound and gives off an energetic tone that I personally enjoy when seeing the artist perform live.

Electric guitar riffs and drums are the main instruments. I interpreted the song to mean that society can be toxic, and Yungblud would rather be dead than surrounded by the toxicity of close-minded people.

The second song, one of my favorites, is “parents.”

This song is softer compared to his other songs. This song is more on the pop punk side, but it gives off an energetic vibe, especially live.

He performed at The Vic Theatre on Oct 4. While he performs this song, he has the crowd sing lines and jump with him as a group. I personally enjoyed when he did this because it felt like we were all united.

The song’s message is that people will always know what’s best for themselves.

The lyrics “Cause parents aint always right” contributes to another message that a parent’s best interests for a teen are not always the right or best ones. This song tells fans to stick to their individualism.

Another song from the EP is “hope for the underrated youth” which has a calm vibe and serious tone but still has rock elements.

This song provides society and fans with an important message that people can make a change. There are so many issues in today’s society, such as poverty and government problems. If we all stick together and stand up for what we believe in, we can make a movement.

A lot of people, including Yungblud, suffer from anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses.

Parts of this song speaks about the topic with lyrics “If I die, would you cry? Or would you come and bury me alive?”

This line references people who have suicidal tendencies. They wonder if people would miss them.

Yet, Yungblud encourages his fans to continue on this life because no matter how many times they are pulled down, they will come back stronger.

Yungblud always has an important message in his songs. Whether about mental health or societal issues, he is not afraid to speak his mind and encourages others to do the same.