Just Asking: How do you destress?

Amaris Lee and Savanna Thomas

East Side News asked Bengals: “How do you destress?”

Desery Rueda: “Either listen to music or hang out with my little sister.”

Steven Moreno: “Going out for a run and blasting my music.”

Avery Beardsley: “Listen to music.”

Matthew Sundling: “I like to listen to music, watch TV, talk to my older sister, and hug my friends.”

Ethan Nelson: “I listen to music, play guitar, and look at memes.”

CJ Pornuevo: “I self care. I take a step back from what’s causing the stress. I take deep breaths, and I love myself time to reflect.”

Lindsey Schwerd: “I destress by painting my nails every weekend.”

Brandon Garcia: “I paint when I’m stressed because I get into painting, and there’s nothing else that matters. I feel like I’m in a different world where time doesn’t exist.”