Spotlight shines on golfer Brent Cudal

Brent Senar Cudal


How long have I been playing golf?

“I’ve been playing competitively since I was eleven, so competitive play – four years. My overall experience is five years.”

What encouraged me to start playing?

“I found a two iron in our basement, … and asked my dad what it was. He said it was a golf club, and, after explaining what golf was to me, I asked if I could try it out. And the rest is history.”

How have new regulations changed the sport?

 “Most tournaments required masks during scoring and … in between shots, and [we had to keep] social distance from each other and not touch the flag stick. So, overall, it hasn’t affected us too majorly when compared to other sports”

What key skill is necessary to succeed in golf and as an athlete? 

“Mental toughness and the ability to keep it together under intense pressure are the most important skills … to be not only a good golfer, but a good athlete. You can have the swing, the IQ, and the passion, but if you can’t keep calm under bad circumstances, you aren’t going to go very far.”

Based off of my high school experience, what am I most proud of? 

“I’m most proud of being someone the team can look to for support and encouragement even when everyone, myself included, isn’t doing very well. I appreciate my teammates tremendously, and every victory and failure is one that I share with them. So to be able to be there for them in such a way is a nice feeling to have, and something I’m glad to have achieved.”

Describe golf. 

“Hitting a little white ball around a field. But really, I’d describe it as one of the simplest yet at the same time complex pastimes I have ever come to know and love.”

As an athlete, how do I overcome challenges?

“I am able to overcome these challenges with hard work and dedication to becoming better after every failure. After every bad performance, I work to put out two fantastic ones. With every incorrect movement within my swin, I work to make my swing even more solid by continuing to work at it on the range, day in and day out. With the thought of being able to one day gain a scholarship through golf and making my parents proud, it’s the driving force and motivation in everything I do to better myself in the sport.”

What is my favorite memory? 

“It was during the Big Cat Cup. My teammate Charlie and I were teamed together as a pair against North’s best duo, Tanner and Todd Dougherty. We had a close match, but we eventually did beat them to overall win as a duo in the Big Cat Cup.”

Anything to add?

“While golf may have a high skill ceiling, it is a good sport for anyone to get into. I encourage a lot of people to give it a try. Even if you don’t end up trying out for the team, it’s still a very low physically demanding, yet fun and challenging, sport that anyone can get into. All you need is some clubs, some golf balls, a glove, and maybe a buddy or a few to play along with.”