Fashion rules night under sunset


Zaara Syeda, Staff Writer

As homecoming rolls around the corner, students may wonder what to wear.

Generally, as this is homecoming, there will be a semi-formal look. Since the dance will be outside this year, students need to consider shoes. 

Students should not wear heels that could hurt them while on the football field. Instead, dress shoes, strap sandals, or combat boots would be safe as well as flashy. 

Dress ideas to consider include above the knee styles such as a slip dress which is simple and cozy, or a skater dress with a nice A-line for giving that swirl factor in dancing and looks really cute. 

Jumpsuits have a freedom factor. They give free dancing mobility and are comfortable. Skirt overlay jumpsuits are trendy and give a unique look.

In terms of suits, rather than too formal, suits could be paired with a t-shirt. Suits with designs, patterns, and prints offer a new look to the normalcy usually seen at school. 

A tie is not necessary but, if chosen, try some fun patterns. For shoes, black dress shoes with white bottoms give off a formal, but casual look. 

When styling hair, change up from the usual style. Try wavy or beachy hair for a casual look or perhaps braids, buns, and curly hair might be your taste. 

This year, fashion accessories are not necessarily going all out. Choose something simple that makes a statement such as big hoop earrings. 

Though there are many options, at the end of the day, feel comfortable and have fun. Homecoming only happens once a year.