Tech Crew builds on support,

self expression


Eddie Burgin

David Boyd (left), social media manager for Esports Club works with Coach Karl Spencer to design the team’s logo.

Eddie Burgin , Entertainment Editor

With the magic of “Puff” filling the halls as the play draws closer, consider all parts of the production. Actors may hold their importance, but where would theatre be without the backstage production crew?

McKenna Repovich, a junior in Tech Crew since freshman year, spoke about the influence of tech crew and its benefits. 

“A lot of it is because of the community we build. It’s always very supportive and usually very close knit,” Repovich said. 

Sponsor Dave Jackson, math and science division chairperson, highlighted this close knit bond during an informational meeting on Oct 1 when he explained he will attend the wedding of two alumni who met in tech crew. 

There appears to be more to the club than community. 

It can be a form of self expression, shown by Repovich as she said, “I also just have an interest in theatre, but I do not want to be on a stage in the way that actors are.” 

Stage fright does not necessarily hold tech crew from their love of the theatre. 

Actors provide entertainment as they bring a story to life, and tech crew works to elevate that story.

While production is still in its early stages, “I’m very excited for all the new people and the new group that we have,” Repovich said.