Volleyball family ends season


Plainfield East’s girls volleyball team pledges allegiance at a home game against Yorkville on Oct. 19.

Rayne Branch, Sports Editor

Fans cheer. The ball flies overhead. Everyone watches the action.
For many volleyball players, “volleyball is a huge part of who they are [as a person],” athlete Emily Lindemann said.
“It’s a way for you to escape but still compete,” Coach Kurt Dolson said.
Due to its competitive nature, volleyball brings together various players from different backgrounds and experiences to form not only a cohesive team but a family.
Middle blocker Mazie Gierat said she has made some of her closest friends through the sport.
“We all connected together because we [were] a lot closer in age, but at the same time it was harder because we [did] have a lot of players this year. Gradually, I think we figured out how to work with each other and really get an understanding of how each individual plays,” DS/outside hitter Taylor French said.
Many players consider volleyball a true team sport, and everything achieved depends on teamwork.
“It is also really good team building because volleyball is one of the few sports where you can’t just carry a team. You can be just as strong as the weakest person on the court,” Dolson said.
Volleyball requires concentration and commitment and, like any sport, it has its shortcomings.
“A bad game doesn’t make a bad player,” Lindemann said.
Communication and working together are important for the players and coaches involved.
Athlete Mazie Gierat said, “I think coming together and finding a common goal and putting differences aside and working together really helped us.”
Even when the odds are stacked against the team or dealing with injuries and losses, they persevere.
“I try to focus on the things we get right. Whatever went wrong, we can fix in practice,” Dolson said.
Yet, success does not stay on the home, high school court; many players go on to become college volleyball players.
“I have the opportunity to play in college, which I am really excited about,”
With the season of girls’ volleyball coming to an end, the team is at its strongest said French