Softball strives for goals amidst success


Rayne Branch, Sports Editor

With a 10 win to 7 loss record early in the season, the varsity softball team is poised for success. Putting their best foot forward, they hope to reach regionals and state.

The athletes work on basic fundamentals as well as hitting mechanisms to prepare for games.

Junior Giana D’Amico and senior Hailey Bozych are having a strong season.  

 “Softball is a game of friendship, teamwork, respect and hard work,” Bozych said, “We all work very well together to put forth a strong defense and offense. Overall, we are all looking forward to the rest of the season.” 

Due to the nature of softball as a team sport, experienced athletes hope to connect with newcomers.

“The goal for this season is to never give up on your goals and take one pitch at a time,” Bozych said. 

Coach Rebekah Grimes said, challenging the girls, along with support and a confident backbone, makes the difference.

‘I always strive as a coach to come up with challenges and work with the players [on how they] make the necessary improvements, no matter the experience,” Grimes said.

D’Amico said pushing herself helps her develop as an athlete and as a person.

“Whatever the challenge is, we can learn from it, whether it be on the field or off the field. Challenges are what keep me motivated,” D’Amico said. “Growth is enabled and new possibilities arise when you know you can overcome those barriers, and you know how much hard work it takes to overcome them.” 

Even though training may be intense, some athletes said maintaining a positive attitude and confidence is important.

“Be aware of everything that’s going on,” Bozych said. “Working on specifics and hitting my goals with support works really well for me.”

Practice allows the athletes to reduce anxiety about performance and overcome the challenges related to individual sports.

“In practice, I give it all I’ve got, relying on my strength and hard work,” D’Amico said. “A loss can sometimes feel heavy, but you shouldn’t get down on yourself because it can affect the team’s spirit.”

“So we connect in many ways by hyping one another up before a big game and talking to Coach Grimes and our teammates before a game.”

The athletes understand the importance of the team bond. By encouraging one another to work hard in practice and cheering each other on, the girls said teammates make them stronger on and off the pitch.

“I have made so many friends through the Bengal softball program, and the work ethic inspired me to play,” Bozych said. “We all truly want the best for each other.”

We want to succeed together as a team,” Grimes said.

Softball offers an escape from everyday life.

“Softball motivates me because it’s not a sport that is easy and it inspires me,” D’Amico said.