Bengals from both angles: Should celebs speak for society?

Khadijah Halim, Staff Writer

The influence of the public’s opinion extends further than merely causing goods and activities to become trends. 

Fame has also become dependent on the opinion of the people. If the public believes someone should gain notoriety, that individual will achieve a higher rank in society.

How could anyone call themselves celebrities if the people had not elevated their ranks to  that status?

The public subtly promotes celebrities on a daily basis by scrolling, liking, and sharing content on social media platforms. If the people promote celebrities, it only seems right that those influencers return the favor by using their popularity to promote societal changes.

A prime example is how the general public  puts political candidates in positions of power, even The White House, by voting for them. These candidates must give back to the people for that power and control by openly endorsing reform for society. 

Celebrities owe it to the people to fulfill their demands for society. It is a matter of fairness that they do not just revel in their status as celebrities without paying it forward. 

And why should celebrities be allowed to disregard the people and only focus on their self-interests? As influential people, they have the power to impact society through their words and actions. 

So why not take this golden opportunity to benefit the greater good?

Why not use their social media platforms and portrayal on live television to tackle ongoing issues? It is the bare minimum for celebrities to use their voices to encourage social changes after permanently becoming renowned by the people. 

The approval of these celebrities is of great value to the public because the people cannot create societal change on their own. The public needs to collaborate with celebrities when working towards a common goal.

The people cannot completely reform society without their reliance on celebrities.