Senior performers reach beyond high school

Eddie Burgin, Entertainment Editor

With the year coming to a close, seniors organize their future plans and prepare for the transition that lies ahead. For many, this change includes college.

Leaving the community formed at East is a reality. Close bonds were formed in these halls, as can be attested to by senior musician Catie Brenmark.

“I make connections that I feel I’ve never made elsewhere. I just go and play music with [fellow bandmates], and we’re on the same wavelength,” Brenmark said.

Brenmark has been in the marching band since freshman year. She participates in jazz band, pep band, and pit orchestra. Outside of school, she’s in the Naperville Youth Symphony Orchestra.

“It’s really the highlight of my week. I really like going there,” Brenmark said. This enjoyment in the music and the people contributes to her future prospects.

“I’m majoring in bassoon performance, and my hope is to be an orchestral musician someday and teach,” Brenmark said.

The connections here are influential, bringing people to further enjoy their craft. Ari Maxwell, a choir student and senior, will enter a performance arts field. 

“I want to get involved with a smaller theater, and possibly see if I can be involved in all the different areas of the show,” Maxwell said. “It gives me a creative outlet, and it gives me somewhere to go when I have nowhere else to go.”

That feeling of home seems universal. Salem Channel, senior, is involved in male acapella choir and chamber ensemble and committed to the University of Colorado for musical theater.

He had a goal of reaching IMEA State, but did not reach it.

“My one friend, Jacob P. … knew it was really meaningful to me, and he hugged me really quick, without even saying anything to me… It was really nice to be able to feel that community after what was a bit of a painful moment,” Channel said.

From these moments of shared activity, many learn lessons. Kenadie Dawson, a senior musician, has been a student leader since sophomore year, which has led her towards a passion to teach. 

She has choreographed for the school musical and been heavily involved in student instruction within her section.

“It’s the connection to other people because of the music,” Dawson said. “I think that’s my favorite kind of thing that happens with music.”

While student performers form bonds at East, musicians are set to move on with all the lessons they learned and the friends they have made.