NEWS: Talent show brings together community through local skill


The Plainfield’s Got Talent show is a show put on to highlight and showcase talent in our community. The show is composed of several acts of diverse talents from an even greater diverse age range. 

Plainfield’s Got Talent is an annual show put on by John F. Kennedy Middle School’s Poetry club. Poetry club began 15 years ago with Jennifer Gruca (an English teacher at JFK) and 4 students. Gruca said, “We wanted to create a mentoring club where students from middle and high school could write, collaborate, compete, and share their stories together.” 

Since then, Poetry Club organizes this show every year to host talent. Lawrence “Binkey” Tolefree, a poet, and Plainfield’s very own Ryan Argast, a local singer are hosting the show.

The show is primarily led and run by students, while initially set up by Gruca. Gruca said, “I’m most excited to see students be able to showcase their talents in a fun loving atmosphere. We have many talented students and I think that’s worth celebrating.”

Plainfield’s Got Talent also engages local businesses who have generously donated items to be raffled off at the show.

Along with live talents, Plainfield’s Got Talent shows off student’s artistic skills. Plainfield’s Got Talent manager Koal Bucholz said, “Being able to show my art is fun.” Thus proving the appeal of this type of talent show. 

Plainfield’s Got Talent is a way for students to express themselves in a comfortable environment. The show allows the Plainfield community to come together by highlighting local talent for all to enjoy. The show takes place October 21st, from 6pm to 9pm, at John F. Kennedy middle school.