NEWS: Tech builds backstage, creates possibilities for productions


Emily Tonon

Tech gathers for group photo after successful show.

When the time for school performances comes around, the actors become the spotlight. While it’s great to show friends support, what about those that work outside the spotlight? 

One member of tech, Sydney Chipman, is a junior who has been doing tech crew since her sophomore year.  

“I joined tech because I loved plays, musicals, and theater in general since elementary school, but I didn’t want to be front and center on the stage. With tech, I’m able to stay involved in theater while staying in the background,” Chipman said. 

With Chipman loving theater, she said she absolutely will be doing stage crew. When staying after school everyday, she’s bound to have a favorite part. 

“I know it sounds cheesy, but my favorite part of tech is honestly the friends I’ve made here. The environment is so welcoming and I feel more comfortable being myself at tech than anywhere else,” Chipman said. 

“My favorite thing that’s been made is probably the carriage from Cinderella. I had a lot of fun working with the lights on it, and driving it around,” Chipman said.  

While Chipman is helping with the construction and painting, someone needs to work on the sound. One of these people is a junior, Aadya Karna, who has been in tech since her sophomore year. 

“I’ve always been super in musicals and plays. Originally me, Syd, and another friend of ours wanted to join since eighth grade… when the opportunity arose me and Syd decided to jump on,” Karna said. 

As for the part that excites Karna the most,

“A successful show! We put a lot of effort in making sure the mics work and everything runs smoothly in terms of sound so when everything is working out I just feel super proud,” Karna said.

With large shows, nothing could be done without guidance. Dave Jackson, one of the tech sponsors, has been working with tech since its showing of Grease in March of 2012. 

“I had lunch with the Musical Director about a month before the show and she was upset because she did not have a tech director… I also told her I would be willing to help,” Jackson said. 

With 11 years of Jackson being one of the tech sponsors, he has found Great Gatsby, Anything Goes, and Beauty and the Beast to be his favorite productions so far. 

With many productions throughout the years comes a fair share of challenges, including challenges with building sets. 

The Great Gatsby.  It was a difficult build. Beauty and the Beast was challenging due to its size, its balcony, and it’s doors,” Jackson said. 

 Despite these challenges,“The kids I work with are fun. They like to learn how to do things and are super creative. It’s a great, positive vibe,” Jackson said.

The plays and musicals at Plainfield East couldn’t happen without the cast, but we can’t forget to acknowledge all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.