NEWS: Date night the musical; night at the theater


Sarah Al Saeedi

Date night hosts posing together

Choir is famous for its ensembles and arranged pieces, having concerts and themed events like Madrigals. What happens when the students are given the opportunity to perform in front of their friends open mic style? Date Night is an open mic-style performance where many students can perform songs of their choice, and it’s greatly enjoyed by students in all choirs. 

Performing in front of a crowd might make students nervous, but it wasn’t a problem for our performers. 

“It may seem frightening, but it helps to focus on that this is your music; it doesn’t represent you as a performer; you shouldn’t dwell on mistakes,” said Alex Medina, performer. 

The performance features many amazing students singing solos, duets, and even singing in small groups. Date Night started back in 2014; this year’s theme was “A Night at the Theater.” 

When asked why this theme was chosen, the choir director wanted to choose a theme more inclusive and universal for the kids within the program. 

“A Night at the Theater’ would be a broad enough theme to incorporate music students who were already interested in performing,” said Kelly Grba, Choir director

Students participating in Date Night expressed their liking for the event.

 “I just think, ‘cause we don’t have a lot of solo pop things or things you get to choose to do. So I think it’s fun doing your own thing and listening to what everybody’s in,” said Tyra Corpuz, Head Table Member.

The MCs for the night were seniors Zoe Heartsfield, Declan Matzig, and Danner Santiago. 

“Being a host was a lot less intimidating than I thought! I’ve never been a host for anything before, let alone speak in front of people for a casual event, but it was fine! Never thought I’d be in that position, but I wanted to put myself in a role that I have never taken up before and see what it’d be like. It ain’t too bad, after all,” stated Danner Santiago, host.

Extracurricular choirs such as Queen’s Court, Head Table, and One Step Ahead were also featured in the event. Queen’s Court performed their well-known piece “Time After Time” to the audience which displayed beautiful harmonies and solos amongst the group. One Step Ahead performed a preview of their song “Gaston” which featured fun choreography for not only the group but the audience too. Head Table performed their lovely “Another Day of Sun”. Each member seemed to enjoy not only their song but performing in front of the audience. 

Date Night is a fun experience for all its participants and audience members. An annual talent show which has been going on for years, it holds a special place in the hearts of students and teachers.