NEWS: Prom creates last memories for students


Audrey Noonan

Obinna Ohale and Madelyne Crabtree celebrate their titles of Prom King and Prom Queen.

Prom took place May 5th, leaving some students with a last school dance to remember.

“This is the only prom I am going to. I did not go last year. I have always looked forward to having my prom for years, and it is really special to me having a part in making it a beautiful night,” said Ade Ogbomo, Student Council Leader.

As a part of the student council, Ogbomo helped prepare for prom’s related festivities in addition to the actual dance.

“As a student, there is not much I can do for prom specifically because there are teachers and admin who do that. Most of what I do is pick decorations and other prom-related things like spirit week and pep assembly,” Ogbomo said.

Prom’s theme was enchanted garden, and the decorations reflected that aspect. In the midst of the preparation, envisioning the dance and its decorations was a highlight for Ogbomo. 

With respect to the planning aspect of prom, Ogbomo encourages others to help join the task of prom organizing for next year.

“In general, planning prom itself is not a crazy task to do, and I think more people should be a part of student council to voice their opinion as well,” Ogbomo said, “The best part is prediction and having a vision of what the day and the dance is going to be like. Picking decorations was a really fun aspect.”

The decorations and vision of the dance were indeed noted by attendees:

“It was really fun, and I got to spend a lot of time with my friends. The venue was decorated beautifully, and the food and music were fun too,” said Madelyne Crabtree, Prom Queen.

Other people noted the fun of seeing everyone in their best outfits.

“It was so amazing to see my peers dressed up and having a good time,” said Obinna Ohale, Prom King.

With spending time alongside classmates and the festivities of the night, Prom 2023 became something truly special to remember.

“As of right now, it is a core memory in my senior year where I just had a lot of fun with the whole senior class,” Ohale said.

As Ohale and Crabtree respectively won prom king and queen, both said they were shocked and excited; however, it was not the most memorable part for them.

“It was my last dance with people that I’ve known my entire life. I’ve spent so much time with them and gone to so many dances with them, so the last one will definitely be a memory that I hold onto,” Crabtree said.

However, the enjoyment continued after prom for Crabtree:

“My friends and I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 3 after prom because it was opening day,” Crabtree said.

This meaningful night for many will be remembered fondly, from the enchanted garden decorations to the dancing.

“It was incredible and I had a lot of fun,” Ohale said.