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NEWS: NAHS kickstarts year with new leaders

Jasmine Ortiz-Richardson

With the start of a new school year comes the start up of after-school activities at Plainfield East. One of these clubs is NAHS, the National Art Honors Society. 

NAHS had its first meeting on August 28th, discussing plans and information for the school year, but it also included the NAHS office election. Each person running had to give a short speech, and two of these people who caught everyone’s attention were Frida Mora Garcia and Alexis Anderson. 

Senior Mora Garcia won the role of president. 

“My reason is just the chance to get new information out and to connect the club more to the community and school,” Mora Garcia said. 

Working alongside Mora Garcia is Anderson, the senior vice president. Her goal was to help kids with art alongside Mora Garcia. 

Mora Garcia is also looking forward to helping the students with getting their art out there. Both she and Anderson are looking forward to bringing more culture to the community through art and NAHS helping with other events. 

As for growing as leaders, Mora Garcia believes that becoming president will help grow her ability as a leader along with learning to deal with difficult situations. When it comes to Anderson, she wants to learn how to communicate and put her ideas out there.

Maintaining their positions, work, and school schedules is especially challenging, but they continue to do what they can to work around this to continue making a change in the community through art. 

With all the work they have to do, Emily Tonan, the NAHS sponsor, has given some advice for them to stay driven and bring ideas to the table, along with working with other leaders to improve what is done within the programs.

“They should be approachable, ambitious, caring, and care about the world around them,” Tonan said. 

As for what other students can help them with as they assume their roles as NAHS leaders, “Asking questions, making sure they understand, not being afraid to talk to them,” Tonan said.

She then left off with a last encouraging message to the new leaders, 

“The officers are doing an awesome job at getting involved with other clubs and getting more into different cultures,” Tonan said. 

NAHS is a community with a lot of diversity. Mora Garcia and Anderson are working together to bring this diversity to the school and community through art.

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