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BFBA: Is Pumpkin Spice Overrated?

Emily Mendez

As the leaves darken and the air becomes crisper, many prepare for the up-and-coming autumn. We must begin our customary rituals of wearing sweaters while watching our favorite spooky films with our beloved fall drink in hand.  How pleasing are those drinks associated with that fuzzy fall feeling?

When word hits that the first box of pumpkin spice syrup has hit the local Starbucks and Dunkin’ coffee fanatics and fall fanatics alike, spring into action bombarding the teenage barista behind the counter.

The anticipation of receiving a familiar pumpkin drink packed to the brim with cinnamon is enough to make crowds go wild.  What’s the fun in consuming a drink that smells exactly like a HomeGoods or T.J.Maxx? 

Pumpkin spice leaves an unnatural artificial taste of “pumpkin” in the mouth of anyone who dares to consume it. The flavor lingering and tasting exactly like the first whiff you caught as the barista called out your name. 

Other times the drink is just entirely wrong, unbefitting the fall theme it should associate itself with. Tasting like something straight out of a horror film, the orange concoction is a mouthful of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. The very particular flavors violate every taste bud as soon as the wave of coffee washes over them.

Although many would argue that this seasonal catastrophe brings forth a heightened sense of nostalgia, that notion would only be a baseless assumption. The thought that these nauseating combinations can bring joy to the millions of people who enjoy a nice cup of joe every morning is laughable. 

Pumpkin drinks can never be fully representative of the autumn season without truly maintaining the essence and taste of an actual pumpkin. These drinks are simply false imitations of a beloved vegetable most recognized during the months of autumn. It is unreasonable for lovers of pumpkin to attempt to justify the deceit that is pumpkin spice flavored drinks.

Pumpkin spice flavoring is simply just another cheap excuse for multimillion-dollar companies to slap a label on a drink that they will repeatedly reintroduce to the public at the start of every season. 

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Emily Mendez
Emily Mendez, Staff Writer
Hello, my name is Emily Mendez. I'm a junior and this is my 3rd year in journalism. I enjoy reading, writing, and surprise surprise journalism. I love talking to new people and playing tennis even though I hate running. I hope y’all have fun reading our stories and interacting with East Side News!

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