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NEWS: Triple A honors Filipino History Month

Sarah Alsaeedi
Triple A’s five leaders pose in hallway after school for their meeting.

October is a fan favorite month, known for its weather, scenery and a well loved holiday, Halloween. However, what it is not completely known for is Filipino History Month.

Annually celebrated in October, the month brings to light cultures and traditions. It is a month that gives not only representation, but awareness.

America has always had a close relation to the Philippines, making it one of the largest ethnic groups in the States. Here at Plainfield East, Asian American Association (Triple A) is celebrating Filipino History Month by talking about its traditions and culture through fun facts, food, and music. 

“I just think it’s important to recognize not only their contributions to America, but just the uniqueness that they bring to America,” said Ian O’Donoghue, Triple A club sponsor and Psychology teacher. 

Filipino culture matters to the students at PEHS. Many attend Triple A meetings to not only learn about Filipino culture, but Asian cultures as a whole.

“I feel like it means everything to me since you’re a part of a community and it opens your eyes to other cultures too,” said Jena Ecang, Triple A club president.

The Philippines is a family focused country. The traditions revolve around relatives and how much of a built community there is. 

“Our culture is very family oriented. It’s just so much about family and you could have people you aren’t even related to but you’ll call them your family anyway because that’s just how it is,” said Chloe Ganaden, Triple A vice president. 

One of the ways to support Filipino culture is by taking time to support the country’s music, arts, and celebrities. 

“I like it when we have Filipino actors out there cause you’re actually having our people out there in the public and talking about our culture”  said Ganaden  “so it’s really nice to see other Filipino actors or whatever out there talking to actual public because their words get out more than a news article for example. They’ll be able to influence more people,”

Ecang added onto this with her own favorite form of Filipino media.

“I really like seeing the music and arts being represented because a lot of people won’t really understand through words but they can understand through music and paintings and that stuff,” said Ecang.

October is a special time of year for students, especially our Filipino community who love taking the time to celebrate their culture. In order to learn more about Filipino culture and traditions, go to Triple A in room 429 on Thursdays. 


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