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EDITORIAL: Is Christmas overshadowing other holidays?

Emily Mendez
East Side News polled students on what holidays they celebrate in December. These are the results.

December is known for Christmas. The feeling of sitting by the fireplace with warm drinks, presents under the Christmas tree, spending time with family, making the season a fan favorite.

However, Christmas overshadows other holidays in the month that are often celebrated by other groups throughout the country. 

Everybody loves the holiday and its main points like presents, family and being with each other. It’s known worldwide for its traditions, carols, and food, often leaving other holidays in its shadow. December has many other holidays other than Christmas that hold a high amount of importance throughout different communities and groups.

Hanukkah is a Jewish festival that begins on December 7 and is celebrated for 8 days. The holiday is known for its candle lighting and its most popular game, Dreidel. Hanukkah also features foods such as Latkes (potato pancakes) and Kugel (egg noodle casserole).

Another holiday that isn’t mentioned is Kwanzaa, which is an African-American holiday that goes from December 26 to January 1. It is a celebration of history, values, family, community, and culture. Kwanzaa is celebrated to honor the bond between ancestors and to affirm bonds with them. 

December 8 is Bodhi Day, a Buddhist holiday that commemorates the day Siddhartha Gautama experienced enlightenment. The day is celebrated with meditation and prayers, making it a quiet, calmer day.  

Although some may argue that Christmas is easier to celebrate or more widely celebrated due to how easily you can put up decorations or get presents to give, it’s the effort and means of celebration that make each of these holidays important. It’s nice that Christmas is easy to celebrate, but that shouldn’t stop us as a community from acknowledging and celebrating different holidays.

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Emily Mendez, Staff Writer
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