Senior ambassador Valery Espinoza (third from bottom left) attends a womens conference at the district office.
Senior ambassador Valery Espinoza (third from bottom left) attends a women’s conference at the district office.
Valery Espinoza

FEATURE: Student ambassador leaves longlasting legacy

As the 2023-2024 school year comes to a close, there exist many legacies put into place by the seniors of Plainfield East (PEHS).

The student body consists of a diverse group of students who work to make their education and experiences at school worthwhile. Some students especially stand out for their exceptional efforts towards making this goal a reality.

Students like senior and student ambassador Valery Espinoza.

Espinoza meets with representatives from different schools in the district to discuss how to better enrich both the schools and the community. As a student ambassador, she described her job as “[being] the voice for [her] classmates not only at Plainfield East, but also as a cabinet board member of District 202.” 

Elected in August, Espinoza executed her aspirations by using her ability to speak on subjects she is passionate about.

“When I applied to be a student ambassador, I made sure to tell them what my passion project was. I wanted to start a district-wide women’s conference and have empowered women in our community speak and empower us young ladies,” Espinoza said.

Espinoza (left) speaks with women empowering the youth.

As a student ambassador, Espinoza has made incredible strides towards change at Plainfield East.

She began a conference for girls to hear stories from community women and implemented the Star Teacher tradition. Each month, students elect a teacher who has impacted their lives. The teacher receives a certificate and a marching band celebration.

The role of student ambassador has inspired change not only in the school community but also in Espinoza’s own life. 

“It has helped me really take charge and bring my goals to life. It has taught me how to speak in front of a big crowd,how to speak with confidence and truth, and know that I have a voice and it matters,” Espinoza said.

Espinoza holds high hopes for the future of PEHS and feels confident it is in good hands: “I have seen so much passion in our younger generation who are ready to continue this change in our school. To truly unify us more and bring us together,” Espinoza said.

Selections for the coming school year’s student ambassador are also a consideration of hers. 

Espinoza said, “I look forward to meeting someone who is already involved and wants to continue this. Bring all your ideas to life. This is the right time to step up and make a difference in our school.”

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