Bengals From Both Angles- Pro College

Ameera Haque, Staff Writer

Going to college is more advantageous than joining the military after high school. With more and more entry level jobs requiring associate degrees, college is not an option, but rather a priority.

Getting a quality education does not mean that one is doomed if they are not accepted into an Ivy League or other colleges of prestige. Community colleges and state universities offer valuable courses for more affordable prices.

Even the military offers free college tuition due to the GI Bill, so they obviously know how important it is.

Although joining the military is more cost effective than gathering student loan debt, a lot of free will is taken away from recruits. The military officials expect strict upkeep of their investments, and a person cannot quit the military until serving the time promised.

In a world where teens stay in relationships that last only a few months and hold jobs for around the same time, a commitment to the military may pose more problems than expected.

Some may argue that not all teens are immature, and some can make major decisions.

However, when enlisting in the military, one must be prepared for heavy responsibilities, even ones that risk lives. Most people are not prepared to handle such responsibilities, so joining the military may not be the best option.

Almost everything needs to be approved before one can attempt anything from serious life events such as marriage to minor decisions such as an online college course.

For most teens, college is the first place where one can enjoy almost total freedom. The military completely inhibits one’s autonomy and impinges on privacy.

According to, a college degree owner is likely to be financially savvy because he/she must fend for the self after graduating high school.

Soldiers are given commands to carry out and a strict schedule to follow. They may not learn to cook, do laundry, file taxes – just some of the many valuable life skills one learns while living independently in college.

In college, one must learn how to deal with roommates, group projects, and scheduling doctor appointments – another experience unique to college life.

College is a steppingstone to success in one’s future. It can help one become an expert in a respective field. It can expose a person to new people and grow a network with a large range of .

Instead of the military, consider applying to college to broaden one’s perception of the world.