SPORTS: Senior Boys Volleyball Spotlight


Q: What’s your name?

A: “Kendal Killins.”

Q: Grade?

A: “Senior.”

Q:Words you live by/ favorite quote?

A:“If it wouldn’t matter in 5 years, then only spend 5 minutes on it.”

Q: Most memorable game or practice this season?

A:The season hasn’t started yet, but when I was in varsity last year, we won regionals against Lockport and that was a great moment for me [and my team].”

Q:Favorite Volleyball Player or team?

A:“Team USA.” 

Q: Do you plan on playing volleyball in college? OR professionally?

A:“I plan to play at Clark University, I met the team last summer and all the coaches I’m excited [about it].”

Q: How did you get started playing volleyball ? 

A:“My parents put me in a whole bunch of sports when I was younger, but something was missing and then I found volleyball in 7th.”

Q:What is your position?

A:“I play libero, people do underestimate this position a lot, it’s very important.”

Q:What lessons has the sport taught you?

A:“If you make a mistake just forget it, if you are not with your team then you won’t win.”

Q:What are you most looking forward to this season?

A:There’s the Merits Tournament, an extremely popular tournament in the world of volleyball, it sets the tone for the rest of the season.”

Q:Message to anyone looking to join the  volleyball team?

A:”Join honestly, don’t worry if you don’t make the team.”