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NEWS: Freshmen views on high school

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No matter what grade students are going into, the week leading up to the first day is always filled with different emotions. However, the start of a new school is always filled with a certain apprehension. 

The changeover from middle school to high school is a shock for many; for some, the thought of having to navigate a new, larger school is scary. Others may view it as a new adventure to explore and memorize the identical halls. 

However, how students view going into high school is commonly affected by outside factors. Outside factors like media, family members, and teachers are the most common. Yet, these outside influences can have different effects simply by which factor one was exposed to. 

The most common factor is teachers. High school is the most common warning, constant reminders of rules, and enforcing a set work method that might not even be needed. These reminders can stress students as they enter freshman year, expecting constant work and strict teachers. The media takes a different approach to representing high school. Some of these representations may be accurate to other high schools, but not all of them. These repeating views, however, can make it appear to be all high schools, only for it to be different and they’re unprepared.

Ultimately, the factor with the most weight tends to be older peers who already have experienced high school. Teacher Laura Anderson stated that students with older siblings who went to PEHS “[seemed] more comfortable and willing to talk to the teacher.” 

Compared to the exaggerated take on high school by most media, older students typically are more honest about their experiences.

People are more likely to listen to friends or family members simply from trust. After years of work, Department Chair Dave Jackson says, “Most students listen to their friends, and their friends’ experiences, on how high school is going to be.” Not only are students more likely to believe their friends, but there is trust based on them already having this experience. 

Each of these factors can lead to either an anxious view at the start of high school or a laid-back view. These views can affect the first few days of the school year, possibly even the first months. 

In the long run, high school is what you make it. Focus on trying new things and making friends, you never know where it’ll take you.

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