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EDITORIAL: Thankfulness often ignored, Thanksgiving should be restored

Mia Graske
Thanksgiving may be exhibited by cornucopias or turkeys, but it should go beyond materialism and generate gratitude.

How frequently do people feel grateful? How often does the world demonstrate gratitude?

Then how important is it that we have a designated time to give thanks?

Thanksgiving is exactly that, and cannot be forsaken in the midst of other holidays; the importance placed on gratitude is what makes Thanksgiving valuable.

Other holidays have certain clothes to wear or festive things to purchase. Some would argue this makes other holidays better, as Thanksgiving is “just” about people’s hearts. That is why Thanksgiving is a unique holiday, as it has internal celebrations rather than external.

It is celebrated by expressing gratitude for the blessings in the everyday, something of drastic weight right now. With so much negativity in the world, Thanksgiving gives us a chance to realize the miracles around us.

There is always something to be grateful for, whether it simply is for oxygen in  one’s lungs or someone saying hello.

It is vital to acknowledge that celebration is better when one has people to celebrate with. This makes Thanksgiving needed, with its ability to bring people together to share the positives of their lives.

Other holidays, like Halloween, have miniscule, nonphysical value. They are focused on materialism, such as decorations or how much items one can receive.

Gathering together and spending quality time together, especially around a feast of mashed potatoes and turkey is overlooked in this society.

Society forgets that interaction is a basic human need. Thanksgiving gives people easy access to loved ones and conversations that someone may be “too busy” to have any other day.

It is the opportunity to slow down and express appreciation.

Though some may hold dear the external festivities of Christmas or Halloween, they must remember that internal festivities hold just as great of power. We all need love and gratitude in our life, and that is what Thanksgiving is all about.

It is the optimistic refresher that all people require in this pessimistic world.

It is the reminder of how lucky we are just to be living.

Give this holiday the recognition it rightfully deserves, justice for Thanksgiving.



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Mia Graske, Editor-in-chief
Hello, my name is Mia, and I am currently a senior. This is my third year on East Side News. I love music and art. I am looking forward to new stories and new opportunities this year.

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