SPORTS: Wrestling team prepares for season

Plainfield East wrestling is waiting to begin their season on Monday November 14th. To prepare, the wrestling team had a very busy preseason, practicing often to develop the skills needed to compete.

The preseason is an important time of development for both the athletes and the coaches. The preseason gives everyone that contributes to the team a chance to get to know one another as well as prepare the skills wrestling takes and bring that into the actual season.

Wrestling coach Julian Ochoa says, “Wrestling takes a very special mindset that relies heavily on determination, perseverance, and a strong work ethic.”

Skill development requires a heavy amount of time put into it, which the wrestling coaches seem to have down pretty well. A well structured practice gives the athletes time to work on everything, whether that be strength, positions, or other things.

Freshman Koal Bucholz says, “We usually do warmups in the beginning and then the coach will show us moves and we will practice them so that we can get better.”

The wrestling team also creates a nice environment for new teammates who may not be used to being in that much contact with others. 

Freshman J Pornuevo says, “They’re very motivating, they’re very nice, and they’re caring. When you aren’t really able to get it, they will help explain it to you. There is not a lot of judgment, which is nice.”

Coach Ochoa says, “The most important thing about building a team is getting all of the athletes to be there and support one another on and off that mat. I try to create a family atmosphere where they always have someone that will support them regardless of the circumstances.”

Wrestling creates an environment where people can grow both physically and mentally.