NEWS: Students spread, share interests in vast realms of film, media

 A new club at Plainfield East High School, film and media club, is open to students who are interested in discussing film productions, technical aspects, and behind the scenes work involved in making films.  

Sophia Estrada, sophomore and president of film and media club, said, “I wanted to expand my interests, and like people that also have similar interest in film, because I’ve always been a big film person and like all aspects, especially like the behind the scenes kind of stuff.”

Emily Mendez, sophomore and vice president, said, “Originally it was Sophia’s idea. I was thinking of like having another club where it was just for the arts… [where we] dissect films as a whole. I thought that would be like a cool idea.”

Film and media club offers opportunities to not only watch films and movies but also understand the processes and reasoning involved in making them. 

Brandon Vlach, English teacher and club sponsor, said, “My hope is… that we will create an encouraging and comfortable environment to learn more about the art of storytelling… stories are told in many ways… and that’s one thing… about movies… you get the acting, the writing, the pictures, the lighting, the technical aspect, it’s so much all put together in one.”

Estrada said, “We also discuss like different background aspects… lighting, sound, background noises, what goes into after productions, like post-production things, as well as actors and how they do their jobs.”

Vlach said, “The point of including ‘media’… is to frame the club as more inclusive and open to diverse media than just movies… for film, you have actors, performers, but you also have camera people.”

Julianna Scarcelli, English teacher and co-sponsor, said, “It’s not a requirement, but some of the people in it are interested in a potential career relating to film or movies, whether it’s starring in them, directing them, writing them, effects… So film club gives them the opportunity to work with other people who are also interested in those things.”

Plans for the future include using what students have learned to create their own productions to practice and display.

Mendez said, “I was thinking in the future, we can… show our film… like a mini film festival… our own creative film ideas we’ve made.”

Film and media club generates an outlet for students and provides guidance on potential careers in the realm of film and productions, showing that a career within film has more potential than people may think.

Mendez said, “I just hope it gains a lot more traction and people actually see the potential that the film industry has… where it’s not just a hobby or some side hustle, or something that won’t get you far because it really will.”

Film and media club meets every other Monday in room 204 from 2:30 to 3:30 PM.