NEWS: Shrek brings fairy tale characters to stage

Last year, Plainfield East was met with the return of the annual school musical.  Now the musical comes back with the showing of Shrek

Every year the musical  is put on by many talented and hard working students and teachers who help everyone bring everything together. One student, Dylan Guiliano, junior,  plays the roles of Captain of the Guards, as well as being in ensemble. In regards to joining the musical he has also found his favorite part of being in it.

“The community and to socialize with everyone else. I auditioned because I really like musicals and want to improve my skills,” Guiliano said

Working together in creating the musical creates a community for students to get to know and work with other cast members. 

 As for Guilliano’s favorite part of working with the cast, “Working with many other people that I didn’t know I would hang out with,” Guilliano said. 

One of these people being Ashanti Murillo, a senior playing the role of Pinocchio. 

“I just love the character, he’s goofy and just funny. I love how he’s a little pessimistic…I like how he’s a liar,” Murillo said. 

The students put a lot of work into making the musical happen. After spending so much time on it they start to get excited for when the musical comes around. 

As for what excites her, “Seeing the audience’s reactions live,” Murillo said.

With there being four nights of the musical performance, many audience members will be coming to view Guiliano, Murillo, and the rest of the Shrek cast. This was all possible because of  Alexandria Kordelewski, director, who has helped direct the students to make the show the best it could be. 

 “I cannot wait for the audience to see this story come to life. The actors have been working so hard on their character development and bringing the story to life. It’s so awesome to see what each of them bring to the characters onstage,” Kordelewski said. 

Despite the hard work displayed by students and teachers, challenges are inevitable.  

“The most challenging part is putting everything together. This is a large show. There are so many different elements to the show, from our set pieces, to costumes, to the lights, and putting all of the elements together can be quite challenging,” Kordelewski said. 

Even with these challenges, everyone has been able to push through to give their Shrek performance. 

 “My favorite part is watching their interactions with one another and their growth. Not only do they have so much talent and passion for what they do, but they are such wonderful people. They build each other up as they are learning and growing throughout the show. This show also teaches us that you are loved and accepted as yourself, as who you are,” Kordelewski said.