Frozen movie warms hearts


Jas Sanghani, Editor-in-Chief

“Some people are worth melting for,” said the famous snowman Olaf who captivated children and adults all over the world six years ago.

Winner of an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for best animated feature, the animated movie “Frozen” ironically warms hearts.

They say only true love can thaw a frozen heart, but “Frozen 2” unfroze mine. ”

— Jas Sanghani

On Nov. 22, the sequel to record breaking Disney movie was released. Expecting disappointment, I walked into the movie theater thinking there was no way this movie could possibly outshine the previous.

I feared Disney would produce this movie and ruin the name of “Frozen” altogether. As a huge fan of the original soundtrack, I did not listen to the new soundtrack, so I could hear it for the first time while watching the movie.

After what felt like hours of commercials, the movie began with the song “Some Things Never Change.”

I released a sigh of relief instantly knowing that I would fall in love with this movie.

The song builds the entire plot through one song as it switches from character to character which is unique feature not seen very often. The lyrics perfectly combine serious with funny on top of a catching tune.

What surprised me was how dark and ominous the story is for a children’s movie. The original film consists of mainly upbeat songs as it travels through the childhood and adulthood of two sisters, one with magical ice powers.

Certain scenes in “Frozen 2” had me watching through squinted eyes, afraid of what might come next.

As the two sisters travel through an enchanted forest in search of a voice calling out to Elsa, the sister with powers, they encounter countless amounts of obstacles. But they handle them the same way every other Disney character does, through music.

Anna, played by Kristen Bell, and Elsa, played by Idina Menzel, not only acted amazingly, but their singing is just breath-taking.

I can truly hear the emotion in their voices in songs such as “Into the Unknown” where Elsa is faced with a mental crisis and “The Next Right Thing” where I can hear the raw sadness of Anna as she attempts to find her way.

As a huge Disney fan, I think for the first time in my life I can confidently say that this is a movie in which the sequel is better than the original.

“Frozen 2” exceeds every single expectation I had through the intense plot drizzled with humor, unique soundtrack, and unexpected twists. I could watch this movie on repeat for hours on end and never get tired of it.