Time to act

Laine Cibulskis, Editor-in-Chief

Social activism is necessary.

When today’s world faces heathenly violations of human rights, climate change, and political  tension (just to mention a few), speaking up proves imperative for revolution.

And it might not always look like attending a protest or speaking on the steps of the house floor.

Sometimes it’s conversations. Class discussions. Everyday advocating. The class of 2022 has shown they are ready to pursue justice.

If I were an activist, I would fight for equal medical treatment among minority groups in America because minority groups in this country still face discrimination in the healthcare system and get unfair and unequal medical treatment which they do not deserve as human beings. They deserve fair and equal medical treatment as all human beings should no matter what their race, ethnicity, or sexuality is,” Stephanie Obeng said.

Fighting for the light for the United States, for Palestine, for Ukraine, for the world, is not easy.

Cooped in a system seemingly decided by a small number of people who don’t actually represent the public is not just a barrier for justice; it is systemic misrepresentation facilitating oppression.

According to USA Today, 76 members of Congress have individual net worths of over $3.1 million.

And still, in 2022, Congress is 77% white, whereas the general population is 60% white, according to the Pew Research Center in 2021. And just 27% of Congress is made of women

In light of these disparities, pursuing necessary causes will always be essential.

Kathryn Guiborat said if she were an activist, she would fight for “Better representation in government because it’s important that people of all backgrounds and ethnicities have a voice.”

Advocating for the causes one cares about – in conversations, in classrooms, for campaigns – is one way to stir the bubble of change for a nation, for the world.

And this is not to say it will be easy.

Particularly since the history of the United States has shown that change is never quite so simple.

But growth towards actualizing human kindness, understanding, and respect can happen.

One might say hate boils deep in the bones, but getting just one person to listen, to learn, to support and fight for change is growth.

A voice speaking, even just one voice, will always make a sound – and college, careers, life, all give the opportunity to make noise.

Speak loud for the causes that may very well save humanity itself.

Use the voice the world has given with power. 

Be brave. 

Be boisterous. 

Become the change.