Entertainment Editor says goodbye


Eddie Burgin, Entertainment Editor

When I first joined journalism as a sophomore, I was apprehensive. I had never been in a group like this and didn’t consider myself capable of contributing to a project like a newspaper.

Now as a senior, I’m a two-time state qualifier who held a leadership position for more than a year. Due to the welcoming environment, my skills were nurtured and allowed to blossom.

I’ve been able to practice and hone my writing skills, artistic ability, and leadership skills, but more importantly I’ve learned how to work as a team and bond as a group.

Journalism may not be the path I follow after I leave Plainfield East, but this time in my life has changed me. I wouldn’t be the same person if I hadn’t joined back when Mrs. Hornik asked me if I was a writer.

I can only hope to bring the lessons I’ve learned with me to college and to my future endeavors. I’ll never forget the wonderful people and minds I’ve helped learn the ropes of journalism, and, with luck, they won’t forget the part I played.

Watching journalism students grow has brought me so much joy, and I know we’ll all continue to do great things for our community, Plainfield East, and ourselves.