Bengals from both angles:

Should celebs speak for society?

Mia Graske, Staff Writer

Liking a post and watching movies are some ways the general public elevates the status of celebrities.

If regular people give them a platform, why are these famous people held to such a high standard? 

Average people have the capabilities to put someone in the limelight, not the chosen person themselves. 

Superstars do not choose their fame or how their fame grows.

If the general public boosts celebrities into fame, can they not boost politics into fame?

One way the public creates fame is by interacting with social media accounts, so why not interact with activist accounts instead? 

Why give your hope to a superstar who may not care?

Realistically, famous people would not be famous without the power given to them. Superstars are regular people with status attributed to them.

  Regular people are not expected to speak on every issue or to be considered experts in everything.

The famous should not be obligated to become knowledgeable about every crisis.

Typical people have the power to create political movement, but it is easier to place the responsibility on somebody else.

Is it better to have someone who has no care for the issue to become an activist, or is it better for people with passion to become activists?

Celebrities are not experts on every topic. Expecting celebrities to educate themselves on everything is unrealistic.

In general, bestowing all faith on a stranger to fix a societal problem is a set up for failure.

Regular people are nor well-versed on every political concern, so why would celebrities be?

People give limitless power to the celebrities, so the people have the power to create the change that they believe is needed.

Common people have the strength to propel someone into fame. Therefore, the people can bring awareness for societal debates, like climate change and sexism, onto the same scale that celebrities are capable of.

Activism is about the desire for change, not necessarily who has the desire.

If one is upset that a celebrity is not speaking up, one needs to reconsider who they are giving a platform to. 

After all, people have the power.