East shows spirit for spirit week


Alyssa Kotara

Marin Flynn and Brooke Emes show Bengal Pride with their orange out outfits.

Eesha Yerramsetti, Samaira Haque, and Vishalakshi Krishan celebrate Heritage Day during Spirit Week. (Mia Graske)
Shyla Munzo, Sydney Cometa, and Lashara Som represent the Junior class with purple outfits. (Shyla Munzo )
For Adam Sandler day, Nate Grutza, Mia Nino, Ally W., and Samantha Paguia put on their best oversized clothing. (Kristan Fowler)
East Side News celebrates Spirit Week for Country vs Country Club day. Emily Mendez, Olivia Kozak, Jasmine Ortiz-Richardson, Sadie Hamilton, Mia Graske, Rayne Branch.  (Mrs. Munsie)

Spirit Week is back at PEHS for Homecoming. Lots of people participated in Spirit Week by dressing up as Adam Sandler, showing off their Bengal pride by wearing orange, representing their heritage, wearing their class colors to show support for their peers, and dressing up as a cowboy/cowgirl or a golf player. 

Starting off with Monday, the theme was Heritage Day, where people let their culture shine. People were in clothing that represented the region they were from, and others had flags of the countries they are from. 

Tuesday was Adam Sandler Day. Despite the unfavorable weather, people still dressed up in oversized t-shirts and basketball shorts, with some bringing basketballs as props.

Wednesday was Class Color Day with the freshmen wearing yellow, the sophomores wearing blue, the juniors wearing purple, and the seniors wearing red. There were many people dressed up in all four colors, with some modest and some going the extra mile to show their class colors. There was everything from simple little handkerchiefs wrapped around peoples legs, to full on costumes. 

Thursday was Country vs Country Club Day. People showed up in their best cowboy/cowgirl outfits while others dressed up as golf players. More people showed up as cowboys/cowgirls than golf players.

Friday was Orange Out, or Class Color Day too for people participating in the pep assembly. In terms of the rest of the school, some people only wore an orange shirt, and some went all out and dressed completely in orange. People also dressed as their class colors to represent their class during the assembly. 

Even with the confusion brought on by other spirit week themes being posted by others, there was still a lot of participation from the students and staff every day of the official spirit week. There was more participation from Heritage Day, Class Color Day, and Orange Out Day. Adam Sandler Day and Country vs Country Club Day saw less participation.